Naroggs Place

This site was my EverQuest fan based walk through site. Fun project, but it took a lot of time that I should have been using to learn .Net

Harvey’s Moving Company, LLC

This site was done pro bono for my good friend Bobby Harvey with the intent that he would allow me to link to it as proof of live work in order to establish myself as a Web Developer. This site is massive and has taken many man hours to create and keep running.  NOTE: At the time SSL certs were not required by Google and load times were not required to be served at 3 seconds on 3G. This site was my introduction to WordPress and moving away from creating sites all by hand with HTML/CSS.

In 2017, TFA Web Design has taken over care of this site at this time, look for more great businesses  starting up from Bobby soon!


8 Henry’s Construction, LLC https://web.archive.org/web/20180820130352/http://www.8henrys.com/

Creating this website kick started The Forbidden Arts, LLC , doing business as TFA Web Design. Dustin is a man on the move, so look for him on Facebook as he was generating too much business and had to drop the site.


Eye 1 Optical

This web site was the most challenging site build to date. The requirements were the need for ADA compliance for low vision and a great UX design for minimal scrolling. This opened a great opportunity for me to learn ADA and the ICT refresh that came out in Jan of 2017.  This site may look very simple but the code that runs it is not.

2017 – 2018

TFA Web Design

As my experience grew, so did problems to solve. Our work site has been recreated no less then 6 times since 2017 and each time with better refinement for client ease of use and better SEO/branding in mind. We have moved hosting 3 times as we learned what works well and what doesn’t, changed branding to incorporate our new found ADA knowledge, setup a multi site and removed it for a much simpler single site design. It may sound like that is a lot of work, but the quest to provide the best web design to our clients will never end. We will never be a “set it and forget it” web design company.

2020 – Current

Full Stack development of https://gthministries.org