No, you are not the first person to buy a new car to realize you got ripped off and there is no CD player.

Hardware Needed

Software Needed

  • Tested with Sandisk 2.0 16 GB cruiser USB
  • I plan to pick up a few  different size sticks and see if there is a limit to size.

I chose to use Fre:AC because it is open source and the website is not full of misleading mirror links.

fre : ac Logo
Click to go there

Software setup

Control + Shift + C or Options General Settings will get you started.

The Filename Pattern is important if you want to use the voice control. I was not able to get Sync original to recognize FLAC file types so we will just use LAME MP3.

Since you using CD’s chances are they are old. Make sure you are using the activate cdparanoia in full mode. This makes sure your audio does not sound like ya ripped this off of napster in the 90’s

All other check marks are just for how many I had to actually rip. Going to be a long night of swapping CD’s

In order for SYNC voice commands to work we need to have the ripped songs done with artist and song name and genre.

The real magic is the three checks on options. It will then read the CD and bring it up to standards for SYNC to read the files.

Commands Tested

Tested Commands

The USB stick is natively formatted in FAT32. I did delete all contents on it before copying the ripped songs over. This is what the file structure looks like when finished.

USB stick File structure for SYNC and SYNC 3