Today was just odd, our leader was in dental pain, and we all felt it for sure in our own little worlds'

To say I was embarrassed to show up without my Iceberg story is an understatement, Sherry was ready and so was Mary Beth. Tracie had a story she read from her kindle, but my mind was so wrapped up in “I don’t have anything to read today” that I zoned out during her reading of it. Sorry Tracie.

Mary Beth penned My Dog Jake about a family who had the life lesson of having to give away puppies. The story was full of detail and the iceberg loomed with the parent’s knowing the children would want to keep at least one and finally giving in with the tip of it as a yes.

Mary Beth is also an exceptional illustrator and she brought what a layperson would call a coloring book page of her story so we really could feel that attachment to the story. I really love to take time to color and I was touched by her extra step.

Sherry – She made us promise a oath of silence on her work:) ALL I CAN SAY IS MORE PLEASE.

I believe the NDA is because she is a published author and will be at the Hellen Keller Festival in June doing book signings.

Sherry has a one of the best iceberg writing styles I have ever read. The unsaid of each character lingers in the room as full blown stories that could be a novel in 1st person for each one.

I hope she finds this not breaking my oath:)

Carol and I are from the north and after Sherry’s iceberg story the conversation of how northern women just are more direct with what they mean when they talk vs what we see in the south had us rolling in laughter. Sherry graced us with a southern joke on the topic that I believe you will have to stop at her booth to hear, as no northern man recounting it can do it justice.

June 8th is the last meeting for this semester and we will be meeting June 22nd for the start of the next.

Our assignement for next class period is called the Last Lap. This is a pretty common style for movie trailers.

The Last Lap places the character, right in the opening lines, close the the climax of the series of events.

This is a pretty brain invoking challenge because of this next part.

Your job is to slow time and offer a look at how the character got to this point, or what they call flashbacks, and juggle back to the action pushing forward towards the climax all the while taking the reader on a journey that puts them in this event.

This is actually one of my favorite style because of how my mind jumps back in forth in a normal conversation. This one should be fun!