Really Jeremiah? Predating posts? Yep, I got lost in time for a bit.

For those who did not make it to class May 11, 2019 we are in chapter 3 of the book Making Shapely Fiction – Jerome Stern

Of note: we are also printing copies to hand out to others for comments for return next class to the author, so they can get valuable feedback.

The assignment to bring to class May 25th will be one of the hardest yet.

It is called the Iceberg and it is one of the techniques that if  mastered will give your settings a character of their own, if applied to a character they gain depth and tension that the reader feels and can understand.

Write an argument in which the character’s real feelings are not fully expressed.

This is a pretty brain invoking challenge because of this next part.

BUT, what your characters do not say can be the most important.

Let’s explore what Jerome means by the word Argument. The website is a real God send to writers and defines it as such.

Some would call this learning to write the hook, or learning to write an introduction.
For me, writing a fragment of a story that I do not finish is torture.

My mind will finish the story, for sure, but the assignment is just to write the Argument.

I struggled finding the right topic to write about for this lesson, and I showed up to class empty handed.

It happens, especially in writing, creative writing is something that flows or is dry and grinds in the mind like a un-oiled gear crushing grain. Every thought turns to powder with a loud noise.

I was able to finally write a piece Sunday June 9th,  for this lesson, so long ago.

I am refraining from posting it until my class gives me some feed back of if I should, as I took it to a level most will be shocked I write at.



The feedback was to bury this one in a file only to be read after I am in Heaven.