Small Group March 30 – 2019

Well the semester has already started at the church small group called “What’s your story?” I already missed two sessions, so I arrived late to the party.

Today we did come catch up for myself and Kane Cooper, who shared an absolutely knock out poem about finding Jesus.

After that, the coffee was ready and we began to tell each other why we write, I felt like I fit in here as I listened to everyone talk about how they have a story to tell and no time to write it.

We are aiming to do exploratory fiction short stories and work shop them.

Since I just graduated college and Mr. Tuck left such a great impression on me I almost felt like he was in today’s meeting, and I was his voice.

I brought with me the book that we used in class called Making Shapely Fiction by Jerome Stern and I shared my favorite lesson in it called the ” Bear at the door.”

Shortly after the reading, heads were nodding in agreement to use the book as a guide to explore the frameworks of short stories.

We decided to start as all good books start chapter 1, I read the Short chapter on the framework called the “Facade.”

Tell an anecdote in the voice of a character who is NOT you.”

This is a pretty brain invoking challenge because of this next part.

BUT, as the character tells his or her story have him or her unknowingly undercut or discredit his or her explanation.

As with all good things, they end, and we decided to return in two weeks and share what we came up with.

The energy was high in everyone as we left smiling at our own thoughts.

I personally went to grab lunch, and sat at shoney’s till five pm writing four pages of a everyday thing that just happens and I never looked at it from another person’s voice.

I will post it after we all share ours, as to not let out a spoiler for the next session:)

Happy Writing for Christ.

Want to join us? Every other Saturday at 1 pm to 2pm at Grace House Church in Florence Alabama.