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We are a full-service job finding training hub. We use unconventional job search coaching methods that develop your employability skills, develop and plan your career and with our own set tools, we are committed to finding you the job you’ve been looking for quicker than if you were looking by yourself.

We Care

We don’t throw generic pre-recorded videos at you thinking you’ll view them, learn and sort yourself out with them. But rather, we tailor our videos to meet your needs.

Our Pride

Using the one to one coaching style which is done via live video coaching sessions with our employability manager Dr John, we are committed to working with you up to 30 hours to achieve your specific goals.


Our time frame is 90 days or until you receive your job offer letter or letters. Usually, you’re likely to receive more than one offer.

During the study years, how adequately does the school system prepare candidates for the real world of work upon graduation?

Your guess is as good as mine!

There is not enough emphasis put out on the delivery of life skills and employment skills so, with this, the only available career advisers can’t give adequate one on one time to the development of their students.

Have you met graduates (including master’s and doctorate degree holders), who roam the streets for months, even years, unable to land jobs that fit their qualifications?

Are you in this current situation? I was!

Employability Coaching Cover Image
After receiving my master’s, it took me 13 months to obtain my first lecturing job. Not because I didn’t aggressively look for work, but rather, all my job search efforts were based on trial and error. During my study years, I never had any guides that were both comprehensive enough and tailored specifically to my job aspirations and how to find a job upon graduation. My passion now is training others to find their career paths and aspirations much earlier and without any undue hassle.  A comprehensive and bespoke job finding programme and employability coach is your solution.

I’m Dr John, THE employability manager of Norwood Employability.  Can I have the honour of being your job search coach to solve the seven key challenges that stop you from getting the job you deserve?

This is an opportunity I wish I had 10 years ago and now, I’m presenting it to you.

Ain’t you luckier in your generation?

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Norwood Employability works with you until you get the right offer!

When you’re ready for your future, Norwood Employability is ready for you.

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Our Guarantee
Find work faster


You’ll find your perfect job faster

Whether you’re a student, unemployed, or looking to improve your career, Norwood Employability helps find the job for you. With:

  • Weekly one to one live video support
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and Interview training to give you the edge
  • Superior job search guidance – including access to the ‘hidden job’ market
  • Negotiation skills to get you further in your role

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Address: 12 Rigel Close, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom SN25 2LH

Phone: +44 7716508624

Email: info@norwoodemployability.com