Writing for Christ

By Jeremiah Stillings

Nov 29, 2022


The dark swirl on my father’s left shoulder shrugged as it appeared in the mirror of my own bathroom as I brushed my teeth. Of course, I seen it, of course I felt it, as it brushed by my left shoulder. It is not real is what the VA taught me to think and react with.

It cannot be a generational demon still lingering on this sealed warrior for Christ, could it? Could it be real? No of course not, the medicine the VA has me on prevents these visions of darkness and light from my mind’s unbalanced states.

What is it, Lord? Why am I on your side and afflicted so? Why does darkness crawl across my body seeking a way in? Why does darkness follow so close unafraid knowing I may slip.

Yelling at the mirror with a foamy mouth of charcoal toothpaste I tell it to leave in Jesus Christ’s name.

The mirror blinks brighter a second as the shadow that was once, is no longer.


“It is real” God answered.

A song in my head played just as I seen Christ’s light flash in my eyes.

I just need my mind right, I am gonna fight… 

Spiritual warfare surrounds me, yet the world calls me crazy in need of medication to be stable.

I am living in a reality many cannot imagine, seeing and hearing both sides of a war that broke God’s heart and rages unseen by most. I am a warrior stuck in the middle of both worlds, seen and unseen.

We just need our minds right; tell the devil we are going to fight.


Music that inspired this short is “Giants”  https://youtu.be/hQaF2D8Z4tQand “Mind Right” https://youtu.be/f1cJK52L8WE by Josh Snyder.