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Dynamic Copyright Widget Plug in

Dynamic Copyright Widget

A widget style plug in for WordPress. I miss spoke in the video and said Word Perfect LOL. I am that old. https://jeremiahstillings.net/wp-content/uploads/2019-09-12-21-29-45.mp4 Get the

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Building things of Wood
Web Design

The carpenter’s house

There is an old saying that if you do something for a living your own place is the last to be fixed. As such, I

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3 inches to connect

Jackie Hermes just posted about how websites are driving people to them but missing the conversion In web design I call this 3 inches to

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ADA needs video subtitles

Subtitles has been a thing many content creators hit and go um too hard too expensive. My buddy Nico saved the day on this with

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Links and ADA colors

Alot of business owners envision links being bright bold and branded to their favorite colors. Sadly this is not a best practice. The ADA law

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Pseudo Code for success

10: They say “we have got to get that first customer.” 20 : Our answer “ Done.” 30 :What did you learn? 40 :Did you

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Web Sites

2015 Naroggs Place This site was my EverQuest fan based walk through site. Fun project, but it took a lot of time that I should

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Device Responsive Design

In an effort to define a new design concept that is different then Mobile Responsive Design or Fluid Design, I have created the definition of

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Hostmonster known memory limits

With PHP 7.0 activated on a Shared Plus plan max_execution_time 30 max_file_uploads 20 memory_limit 256M post_max_size 64M  50 total views,  1 views today

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