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CCPA time is up

CCPA Time is up

GDPR and now…. CCPA what the heck are all you nerds talking about? Have a boring Read here.. Got a plan? Kinda… Don’t allow WordAds…

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Dynamic Copyright Widget Plug in

Dynamic Copyright Widget

A widget style plug in for WordPress. I miss spoke in the video and said Word Perfect LOL. I am that old. https://jeremiahstillings.net/wp-content/uploads/2019-09-12-21-29-45.mp4 Get the

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3 inches to connect

Jackie Hermes just posted about how websites are driving people to them but missing the conversion In web design I call this 3 inches to

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Linkedin Posts being wiped out

The day I broke LinkedIn

For the past few days I have watched my posts and comments disappear…. https://jeremiahstillings.net/wp-content/uploads/I-broke-Linkedin.mp4  212 total views

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Day 1 .NET ML

https://jeremiahstillings.net/wp-content/uploads/net-ml-day-1.mp4 Join me on the journey, this is my journey, so if I mispeak about a term or such, try to keep in mind, I

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IOTA Seed Generator

This is a java program written to provide IOTA users a secure way to generate a SEED. It uses SecureRandom as explained here from Oracle’s

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