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Cell Phones?

Cell phones are a pain point every where I ask… I wanted to take a minute to document my downward spiral financially in regards to

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Schema.org Coding
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ePortfolio SEO Challenge

This is a challenge I issued on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/seo-eporfolio-challenge-2019-jeremiah-stillings Why: I can not change what colleges teach, but I can change what you have access

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IOTA Seed Generator

This is a java program written to provide IOTA users a secure way to generate a SEED. It uses SecureRandom as explained here from Oracle’s

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Antifreeze App Screen Shot
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Antifreeze Android App

Today I am taking an app I had commissioned, [I did not make it myself] to the troops of the auto parts industry, FREE TO

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Can you tell who is new?
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Guest ID

Problem to Solve   Growing church, many new guests. Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay How to get rotating greeters to ID new guests or

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AIrforce Buddy Check for Chemical Warfare Training
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Buddy Check

I do a thing, I call it a buddy check. In the military, when we did chemical warfare training we had to check our battle

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So we had an issue with the whole develop in Java thing… Most tablets I wanted to use were Android due to low cost So

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