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Creative Writing

” It’s not real “

Writing for Christ By Jeremiah Stillings Nov 29, 2022   The dark swirl on my father’s left shoulder shrugged as it appeared in the mirror

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Noxamixen Park Water Tower
Creative Writing

Small Group July 20th 2019

COME ON! This is a lesson on writing about a specimen of a characters life. This is not a fictional story, in the regards to

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Beta Camera
Creative Writing

Small Group July 6th 2019

Finally back to writing class today “Write a story that starts with a traumatic event.” This is a pretty brain invoking challenge because of this

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Small group – May 11 2019

Time in a creative mind is not static Clearly you noticed that I missed blogging a few classes. Two weeks before this we met and

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Small Group March 30 – 2019

Well the semester has already started at the church small group called “What’s your story?” I already missed two sessions, so I arrived late to

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