I do a thing, I call it a buddy check. In the military, when we did chemical warfare training we had to check our battle buddy to make sure their gear was on to survive the chemical attack.

Well, I am retired now, but I still do a check on my buddy’s to make sure they survive:)

The coding concept is to create a email, sms, and social media scrapper that pulls a list of buddies and monitors their digital lives and if an event happens like, no found content in 1 week, or a suicide note, it will first alert the missing buddy to check in, if no check in, it will alert the buddy network in a call to arms to do a check on them, via door knock, via closest buddy to last known location.

Suicide is a huge issue for the world and I am hoping that while we are busy doing work, school, or life, it can keep tabs on those we love and alert us to a sign of trouble.

I am looking at different frame works that do email and social scrapping for business leads that are open source and can be recoded to fit this purpose. I have not found any API’s to phone providers yet for the SMS feature… which is probably a legal issue, more then a tech issue.

I feel any application that can help save a life is worth while coding job that will never be ad supported or monitized. Life is worth more then money:)

Ideas or want to help? Drop me an email below.