Today I am taking an app I had commissioned, [I did not make it myself] to the troops of the auto parts industry, FREE TO THEM, because there is too many flavors of antifreeze and stocking it every 4 hours is a real mind job of which drink your low on:) Cars, trucks, and tractors are thirsty this time of year! PAthum Bandara Premaratne ‘s Crew built me the most amazing app:) SO HAPPY today.

Download to your Android and unzip into a folder and run the .apk

You will have to enable allow other sources:)

I hope each of you find enjoy this tool to help the insanity of stocking:)

After visiting around 10 auto related shops and receiving this feedback of

Is it only Android?

I have discussed this with the Developers and they are willing to bring this concept to iOS. I am in discussions to get their crowd funding platform of choice:) They will post a page of info on their site. Thank you all for allowing me to #serve the ones who serve.

UPDATE: 4/16/2019

PAthum Bandara Premaratne and crew have done a little work to help users decide if they would like to help crowd source this application to iOS. We added a demo video and “30 Second Elevator” explain and have been hard at work creating a page that will allow you to buy into a true disrupter in application design.

A disrupter? How so? I must know more…

– No data needed

– No WiFi needed

– No Cell Contract needed

– Persistent Local Data

– The android version is completely free because you change the world out of frustration in living in it.

Yeah we did that:) It is a pleasure to serve those who serve.

Android Antifreeze App Demo by Dev Art