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Dynamic Copyright Widget Plug in
Jeremiah Stillings

Dynamic Copyright Widget

A widget style plug in for WordPress. I miss spoke in the video and said Word Perfect LOL. I am that old. Get the

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Logitech unifing reciever
Jeremiah Stillings

“The Keyboard”

This is a reenactment of a 2 hour IT ticket for work…

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Beta Camera
Creative Writing
Jeremiah Stillings

Small Group July 6th 2019

Finally back to writing class today “Write a story that starts with a traumatic event.” This is a pretty brain invoking challenge because of this

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Curious what languages I code in? Here be my programming tools;


I also have a pretty cool set of these tools;

word press

I still have access to my old tool box also, sometimes the old hammer works best;


Yup, I am that old to have learned Linear Programming.